Training Course

Training Course

Become a Certified System Extensions stylist!

We invite you to take advantage of training course that enable you to master our methods of extension, thickening and non-surgical hair replacement. Our System Extensions instructors are qualified and experienced training staff with a developed methodology.

The training classes are divided into a theoretical and practical part, which allows you to master all the secrets and System Extensions techniques. The instructor conducts classes in small groups or individually, that gives the possibility of individual contact with each participant of the training course. You do not have to be a hairdresser because we will introduce you all theoretical and practical issues connected with hair extensions.
During the practical part, you master the methods of extensions, hair thickening and non-surgical hair replacement under the supervision of an experienced System Extensions Instructor. Exercises are held on the training heads, which allows you to perform a large number of attempts to attach hair extensions as well as to study the rest of our methods.

Graduates receive an international System Extensions Stylist Certificate, entitling you to perform System Extensions services.
We have got a registry in the Register of Training Institutions that gives you the opportunity to seek training course founding, if you are registered in the Employment Office or Social Care Center.

In order to obtain information or to arrange a training course:
Call: +48 519 773 353
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