Our hair extensions are 100% natural that makes them perfectly blend with your own hair. Because of a manual selection of the superior quality Remy natural hair our extensions do not tangle. The concept of "Remy" means the System Extensions hair scale has been preserved in one direction.

Within the process of selection and refining, superior quality natural hair become System Extensions strands. We would like to meet expectations of the most demanding customers as well as hair stylists.

Our assortment offers you two hair lines: Classic Hair and East European Hair. Classic Hair is the most popular line. Extensions are made of strong and thick Indian hair, with proper care maintain their original appearance. Hair that are used in East European Hair line come from Eastern European countries - Slovenia, Lithuania and Ukraine. They are the most desirable hair in the world due to their delicate and soft structure.
The combination of exclusive hair quality and wide range of extensions colors, gives you the opportunity to create the hairstyle of your dreams.

Our colors collection includes light blondes, through many shades of brown to the darkest colors. Due to the wide range of colors, you can choose a shade that perfectly matches the color of your own hair, and achieve luxuriant and natural hairstyle.
You also have the opportunity to take advantage of a breakthrough in hairdressing. Due to the System Extensions highlights there is no need to color your hair with dye. By choosing a shade that differs to your own , you can achieve the effect of reflections, ombre or sombre without destroying your own hair.

In our assortment we have three lengths of hair - 30 cm, 40 cm, 60 cm. Because of diversity of extensions length , we can achieve the effect of maximum extension, partial extension, or extension with extra thickness. Moreover, on request of client, we are able to produce custom extensions that are longer than 60 cm. Your preference - our challenge!