System Extensions natural hair can be enjoyed for a long time if you follow a few simple rules.


Hair moisturizing is the most important step in a daily extensions care. System Extensions natural hair is cut hair and by the lack of connection to the natural scalp, it is not nourished by natural nutrients. That is why proper care is crucial for System Extensions hair durability.
Avoiding the area of bonding, the entire length of the hair should be strongly moisturized with conditioners and oils. Once a month, it is recommended to oil your hair. Owing to intensive care with highly moisturizing products for dry hair you will achieve the desired effects of shiny hair. Do not use products containing alcohol and ethanol.


System Extensions hair must be brushed daily with a hairbrush dedicated to hair extensions. Hair should be combed starting from the bottom while held the spot of extensions bonds.


Before each hair wash, hair extensions have to be brushed thoroughly. It is recommended to wash hair in the shower when the water steam falls from above. This prevents hair from tangling. Hair should be washed with lukewarm water. For washing, it is recommend to use highly moisturizing shampoos, without the addition of alcohol or ethanol. Do not wash your hair with circular moves and do not rub it hard. Apply a shampoo to the scalp, massage gently, so that only the foam flows down the hair extensions. After washing, it is obligatory to apply a moisturizing mask, minimum 2 cm below the extensions bonds. Moisturizing properties of the mask can contribute to the dissolution of bonds . The mask should be rinsed with lukewarm water. Then apply the conditioner so as to do not touch the extension bonds.
After washing, gently wipe your hair with a towel and wrap it for a few minutes until the water soaks into it.


After washing and soaking water in a towel, it is recommend to comb hair very gently. Use a cool air stream – bonds can become loose after the exposure to high temperature. It is important to remember the hair should be dried over its entire length. Do not direct the heat towards the bonds.


The System Extensions is 100% natural hair, so you can stylize it with straightener, hair-curler and other hairstyling tools. Remember to avoid bonds since a high temperature can make them loose. Updos, high ponytails, thick curls, braids or perfectly straight hair are within easy reach. When styling with heat, it is recommended to use a wax or spray conditioner that increase the hair gloss and protect extensions as well as wearer's own hair.


We have a wide range of System Extensions hair strands colors, so you do not need to dye them. Chemical processes as coloring and bleaching can have a negative impact on the hair structure and destroy its outer layer


So as to avoid tangles must not go to sleep with wet hair and always tie your hair into a ponytail or braid before bedtime.


Tie your hair in a ponytail or braid before exercises or sauna since hair that is exposed to sweat, dirt or chlorine become tangled. You should thoroughly comb the hair before and after the training and then wash them.