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System Extensions

Long, thick and shiny hair has always been a synonym of femininity, women's dream, reason of pride, the quintessence of female beauty.

As time goes on, the problem of hair loss as well as hair brittle, affects both women and men. Chemicals that are contained in food and cosmetics makes our hair weak and dull.
Dyeing and styling influence hair structure badly and, lead to the partial or complete damage and hair loss.

We would like to present an excellent solution to abovementioned problems. The system of extending, thickening and non-surgical hair replacement. Due to the 100% natural hair extensions by System Extensions the hairstyle of your dreams is within your reach.

The factor that makes System Extensions so special is the quality of our hair and methods of bonding. Carefully selected and tested natural hair combined with non-invasive methods of bonding, guarantee your satisfaction and increase self-confidence.

Whether you struggle with partial or complete baldness, or just dream to change your appearance - contact us since our priority is your satisfaction.


The System Extensions brand won the Woman of the Year 2018 prize.